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SM Arsol’ Seminars Aug 22

The International Taekwon-do Federation Union held a series of events in the
Philippines in August.

The Seminar series around the country were instructed by Master Juanito “Jojo” Arsol Jr., 8th Degree Black Belt and President of ITFU Asia.

The first event was an International Colored Belts Seminar and Colored Belts Promotion Exam in Merville Village, Paranaque, Metro Manila on August 6.

The event was organized by Sabum Arez Fuentes and Bu Sabum Arezther Fuentes. Patterns, drills, sparring, and kicking
techniques were the focus of Master Arsol’s training. Master Arsol then conducted an International Training Course, an
International Colored Belts Seminar, a Colored Belts Promotion Exam, a Black Belt Promotion Exam, and a Philippine ITF Congress on August 7 in Las Pinas City. He was assisted by Sabum Noli Jhon Española and Sabum Febbles Faye Mendoza.

In the international training course, Master Arsol emphasized accurate movement in patterns, sparring drills and techniques, and
self-defense. The Philippine ITF produced four new 1st dan, one new 2nd dan, one new 3rd dan, one new 4th dan, and one new 5th dan black belts after the promotion exam.

Following the promotion exam, the Philippine ITF Congress convened to elect new officers and regional directors.

On August 8th Master Arsol and Bu Sabum Antonio Valenzuela Jr. travelled to the province of Antique. On the following day Master Arsol made his first visit to Hamtic and San Jose de Buenavista, where a photo shoot was held.

Bu Sabum Valenzuela introduced Master
Arsol to World Eskrima Defense Organization Supreme Grandmaster Frank Sobrino on
August 10 in San Jose, Antique. Master Arsol and some Taekwon-do pupils went to the
Bugsukan Water Falls in Igcococ, Sibalom, Antique on the same day.

Sabum Noli Jhon Española, Sabum Febbles Faye Mendoza, Bu Sabum Marc John Lowie Lancero, and Bu Sabum Ma. Rolaine De
Guzman arrived in Antique province to assist Master Arsol.

Master Arsol travelled to Cebu City on August 11 to meet with Philippine Taekwon-Do
members in order to strengthen propagation in the Central Visayas.

Bu Sabum Valenzuela introduced Sabum Española and others to Supreme Grandmaster Frank Sobrino on the same day.

Master Arsol returned to the province of
Antique on August 12th and handed new belts to pupils who passed the Promotion Exam.

He held an International Colored Belts Seminar which covered Patterns, drills, sparring, and kicking techniques.

Master Arsol, Sabum Española, and others travelled back to Manila on August 15, 2022. This was followed by his visit to
Malaysia for his International Training Course on August 21 hosted by Master Sharifudin (8th Dan) and ITFU Malaysia.

Everyone involved in the events is delighted and grateful for Master Arsol’s visit to the Philippines. Master Juanito “Jojo” Arsol Jr. expresses gratitude to the Philippine ITF and its officers for their assistance in making his visit a success.


Bu Sabum Antonio P. Valenzuela Jr.
Philippine ITF – Gen. Secretary


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