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Step 6 - Official Welcome

Once all schools have been licensed up, we will make an official announcement on our facebook page informing all member groups of your membership. You can then start using the ITF Union logo’s and media.

Step -5 it's time to register

Once we have completed all authentication on you and your club / group, we will confirm that you have been accepted by email on the provision that you start registering all clubs and instructors.

Step 4 - Checking Begins

If both sides are happy to work together, you will forward all documents to us by email. At this point we will begin all checks and authenticate your grades and your time line. Even at this point everything is confidential in case you change our mind.

Step 3 - Contact us

Your next move is to reach out to us and arrange a formal chat with one of our executives. We want to speak to you about your hopes and plans for the future. We will ask you to forward all documentation to begin the process.

Step 2 - Get your house in order

Now you have decided to apply, get your house in order and ensure you have all your certificates ready to send to us. We will check your time line and authenticate your ranks of all instructors with you.

Step 1 - Getting started

Firstly we don’t want you to burn any bridges so all communication is confidential, if you are sure you want to be part of a forward thinking revolutionary concept then you are going to have to follow all these steps.

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