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In order to preserve the integrity of I.T.F. Union, all members are asked to check their listing and use the submission form to correct any errors. Corrections will be made within 72 hours. Thank you, Admin.

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GM Jason Wadley

U.S.A. United TaeKwonDo Alliance - Texas

Master Brian Malm

U.S.A. Desert TaeKwon-Do - Tucson Arizona

Master Daniel Baez

U.S.A. Baez Martial Arts - Copper City

Master Dana Johnson

CANADA - Destiny Martial Arts

Master Pedro Pena

U.S.A. Penas TaeKwon-Do - New York

Mr. Juan C. Reyes

HONDURAS Academia Dragons Team Reyes TKD ITF UNION

Mr. Braxton Stokes

U.S.A. Stokes Martial Arts - Marion

Mr. Jose Irizarry

PUERTO RICO Red Tigers TaeKwonDo - Camuy

Master Victor Martinez

ITF Union Domican Republic






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