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(International TaeKwonDo Federation)

I.T.F. is the International Taekwon-Do Federatio – founded on March 22nd 1966 by General Choi Hong Hi, who developed Taekwon-Do to promote the teaching of this martial art.

At that time, nine countries were involved: Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, West Germany, USA, Turkey, Italy, and Egypt. Taekwon-Do is now taught in almost every country in the world and General Choi is recognised as the Father of Taekwon-Do.

Please note: I.T.F. has splintered into many different fractions since the passing of General Choi

1966 March 22nd – The body was founded by General Choi Hong Hi, the Father of Taekwon-Do
1969 First Asian Tournament, Hong Kong
1972 It’s headquarters moved to Toronto (Canada)
1974 First World Championships, Montreal (Canada)
1976 First European Championships, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
1979 First Pacific Championships, Wellington, (New Zealand)
1982 North American Federation created
1983 Central American Federation created
1985 headquarters relocated to Vienna (Austria)
2002 June 15th – The world mourns death of General Choi Hong Hi
2002 Grand Master Hwrang creates the Unified ITF body (Another branch)
2002 Chang Ung is appointed as President of (another branch)
2002 Master Choi Jung Hwa VIII takes up the presidency another branch
2002 Master Tran Quan is appointed as President of Vienna group
2015 ITF-Union takes its place in the world
2015 Sadly pre 2002 when the founder passed, So did unity,This is a fact many practitioners agree on. I.T.F. is now split into many segments with all claiming to be authentic – this is right, as all come from the original tree.No one knows or seems to care which one is the real body as most people accept all are from the original and just try to work with everyone, so the Generals wish of one TaeKwon-Do seems to have happened.

There are some very senior Masters / Leaders around the globe however who still make false claims that they are the true one by trying to undermine the others but, to be honest, most do not recognise or even acknowledge them now as the respect has been lost.

‘One TaeKwonDo – is the only way we can unite now

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